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The top three signs of neglect in a nursing home are bed sores, failure to treat, and medication errors. Other signs to watch for are emotional negligence, sudden weight loss, and unexplained bruises.

When putting your loved on into a facility be sure to go over your loved ones medications. You do not want them to become shut down and even lethargic because they are not getting the right dose of medications.

Failure to treat your loved one in a facility is not acceptable under any circumstances! If he or she even needs something as little as a Band-Aid the nurse needs to get right on it. So, the next time you go visit, and your loved one says that they are not getting any help, check it out and ask questions because this may not be the best place for him or her to be.

If you notice a lot of complaints about their butt hurting, this could be because he or she may have bed sores. These types of nursing home neglect in Omaha are considered to be neglect because this means that he or she has not been turned or repositioned enough if they are bedridden.

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